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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Predictions [Results/Spoilers]

Welcome everyone to the Greatest Royal Rumble Predictions where my predictions are going to be great and the matches are great and everything is going to be great. We have a 50-man Royal Rumble to win a fecking trophy, 7 championship matches and casket match, it is all happening at the GREATEST Royal Rumble ever….great (I’ll stop with […]

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John Cena and Nikki Bella end relationship, engagement after 6 years

It was announced earlier this morning that John Cena and Nikki Bella have ended their relationship & engagement after 6 years of being together. In a tweet posted by former Diva’s champion, Nikki, she says: After much contemplation and 6 years of being together Nikki Bella and John Cena announced today their decision to separate […]

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Predictions RAW SmackDown

Superstar Shakeup Results (And my predictions) 2018

The Superstar shakeup is being held tonight and tomorrow night and will see RAW & SmackDown superstars being swapped over from RAW to SmackDown and visa-versa. This would be the 3rd time since the initial Brand Split back in 2016 that we have seen a superstar shakeup. My predictions will be as follows: (Bolded predictions […]

Predictions RAW SmackDown WWE

Wrestlemania 34 Title Matches Predictions

Welcome everyone to the 3rd and final prediction post for Wrestlemania 34. A I am writing this post, we are just a few hours away from NXT TakeOver: New Orleans show. If you want to catch my predictions for NXT TakeOver, click here: NXT TakeOver: New Orleans 2018 Predictions For all the NON-Title Matches Predictions, click […]

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NXT TakeOver: New Orleans 2018 Predictions

Welcome to the 2nd of 3 Wrestlemania weekend posts where I predict every match that is on the card on Saturday and Sunday. For my predictions on the non-title matches at Wrestlemania 34, click here: Wrestlemania 34 Non-Title Predictions! This post is going to go over all my predictions for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. In my […]

Predictions RAW SmackDown WWE

Wrestlemania 34 Non-Title Predictions!

Welcome everyone to the first of 3 (YES, 3!!) Wrestlemania/NXT Takeover posts for next weekend’s show of shows! This post will run down through all the non-title matches, the next post will be my NXT TakeOver: New Orleans predictions and my final post will be the Title Matches for Wrestlemania 34! Let’s get into it! […]